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Transmission Repair and Rebuilding!

Are you experiencing problems with your vehicle’s manual or automatic transmission? At AAMCO, we help vehicle owners solve their transmission problems every day. Our transmission repair & rebuilding for Salt Lake City, UT, residents is exact, professional, and available today.

Transmission problems can be frustrating for vehicle owners. From drivability problems like having difficulty shifting gears to worrying about the cost of repairs, there is much to consider. While the average transmission can last for over 100,000 miles, driving conditions (environmental and driver-related) can have an impact on the wear and tear on this essential part. If you drive in hot climates regularly, accelerate like you’re trying to win a NASCAR race, or you drive in the mountains often, you may need repairs sooner than later.

Let AAMCO Take Care of You

Our expert technicians will perform a detailed Initial Vehicle Check (IVC) that includes services such as the following:

  • Checking for vehicle trouble codes
  • Evaluating engine performance
  • Checking the upshift and downshift timing and quality
  • And, much, much more!

Our IVC includes the inspection of approximately 20 aspects of your vehicle’s engine and transmission. No other transmission repair & rebuilding shop in Salt Lake City, UT, can match our attention to detail or expertise. If you’re in need of manual or automatic transmission service, stop by today to speak with one of our vehicle experts.



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